Tina W

"Over the last year I've had a bit of hard time with having had an accident, I tore leg muscles, got concussion and the recovery is so slow. I have 8 horses am used to getting stuck in, working hard and much to my own demise I can be a little OCD. It has been difficult being so dependent on others and picking up poo esp has been almost impossible for me. Having to just let things slide takes its toll on you. I made a really impulsive decision late last week and without even consulting "the manager" aka husband. Within 48 hours, I not only purchased my Greystone paddock vac, it was here!. Wonderful people to deal with and it is exactly as they explained -its light, (top priority) very simple to operate, has amazaballs power. Since I've emptied the petrol tank 4 times . It is just the best thing ever! What I am mostly grateful for is I feel useful once again, my paddocks and tack up area are clean and I'm not exhausted and sore. Next stop is water troughs. I'd pondered about buying one for years and it took an accident to tip the scales, I so wish I did this years ago"