Just a quick note to thank you for my Paddock Vac.
I cannot tell you how pleased I am. It was so wonderful to have 
a) a product that was delivered on the day promised 
b) a product that works as you said it would - it really does.
c) that really is easy start - even for my tiny frame. I am astounded.
d) that really really does clean up anything - dry, wet, long grass, short grass, chicken, dog, llama, alpaca poo, straw, flood water, amazing!!!
e) that is easy to clean - just hose it out - no difficult to reach parts...
f) that is easy to tip - even for me - even when full 
g) that fit in my car like you said it would

I cannot believe that every single person who has livestock doesn't have one. I was using it this morning, cleaning up the flooded and very stinky chicken yard and wishing I had one two years ago when our home was flooded severely. This would have made much lighter work of the massive clean up. Congratulations on your customer service and a terrific product. I quite simply didn't think this kind of service and product still existed.