Thank you for all your assistance in convincing my husband on the virtues of owning our very own paddock vac.
We cleaned both our paddocks thoroughly for the first time on the weekend, in total it took us four hours and about 9-10 loads. If we had tried to do this with a fork, quad and small trailer, we would still be going two weeks later. It sucks up every last vestige. Three of our neighbours were well pleased to get several loads of horse manure in an already usable form, because the vac breaks up the manure so well, no matter the age.
My husband, who as you know I had a lot of trouble convincing, thinks it is the best thing since sliced bread and well worth the investment. This marvelous invention will save us so much hassle and back breaking work and will make it so much easier to keep on top of this chore and hopefully we will gain some usable paddock back. I would be happy to demo to any potential customers.