Sharon J

Hi Kelley, 

Well due to a broken foot I’ve only had my ponies back since a month ago. So, finally, I’ve given the paddock vac a bit of a work out.

Just letting you know i am super happy with it, it certainly makes the whole job easier, quicker and a lot more fun 🙂  I’m also surprised how good a job it does and am pleased that it really leaves the grass in good shape where before raking it destroyed the grass to a large extent. Am also very impressed by the well thought out design and just how powerful it is. 

Hope all is well with you, very much appreciated all your help and advice.

Many thanks,

Sharon Johnston


Hi The Greystone Team

My order arrived today. Thanks so much for such prompt and excellent service. Have a great weekend. 

Kind regards


Just a quick note to let you know that I loooove my arena rake! I have a mix of wood chip and rubber so it is quite light weight and moves around the arena with use and wind. The edger is such a fantastic feature and saves my back which I rejoice in every time I use it. I used the rake a couple of times before we had a heavy downpour a couple of days after I received it and there was not a sign of a water track on the arena or any movement of the surface. I was able to put it together using your easy instructions and it is tucked away after use to keep it shiny and new as suggested. Thanks again.

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