Heavy Duty Paddock or Maxi Vac Hose @ $95 per metre

Heavy Duty Paddock or Maxi Vac Hose @ $95 per metre

$95.00$285.00 + GST

  • Made in Australia
  • Steel reinforced
  • Heavy duty Hose for Maxi Vac or Paddock Vac.

Available in 4 different Lengths

  • 1m x 127mm diameter (5”)
  • 2m x 127mm diameter (5”)
  • 2.5m x 127mm diameter (5”)
  • 3m x 127mm diameter (5”)

Australian made heavy duty, steel reinforced hose supplied by Greystone Australia & issued with Greystone Vacuums sold in NZ.

Usual lengths issued are 2m for Paddock Vacuums & 2.5m for Maxi Vacuums.

We also offer 3m lengths for those wanting extra reach, but please keep in mind that with the longer hose it is much easier to run it over, or drag while travelling thereby creating holes.  If using a 3m hose, especially with a Paddock Vac you may have to get inventive with a bungy cord or two, to prevent the hose from dragging on the ground.

Hoses are measured stretched